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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Misconceptions about Summer Vacation

(submitted by Aletheastrea)

10. Your children will suddenly become relaxed, idle, and happy. (IOIO)
9. You can get 5-star luxury for 2-star prices if you just book later than everyone else. (English Pete)
8. You're ready to go back to school when it's over. (Hookie Monster)
7. This year you will remember to leave space in your luggage to bring back souveniers and bargains. (English Pete)
6. Singing "Vacation" by the Go-Gos never gets old. (DA maNA)
5. You don't need suntan lotion; you never get sunburnt. (Wools)
4. Seven hours in a car with your family isn't too bad. (Walrus)
3. You get to relax with four kids and a dog. (murph)
2. The rediculously oversized mouse-eared hat makes you SO much hotter than that guy with the camaro. (Buttsey57)
1. This year will be different. (El Barton)

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