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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Your Company is Restructuring

(submitted by Deimodius (who managed to keep his job))

10. Insufficient corner offices. (squeezette)
9. The employees were making good livings, much to the chagrin of the stockholders. (notMe)
8. Only way top management can shift blame and get raises at the same time. (srp)
7. Not a big market for 8 tracks anymore so moving into floppy disks. (IOIO)
6. It's the latest fad...all the COOL companies are doing it. (xyl)
5. The balloon payments on the owner's Bentley just kicked in. (SilverElf4)
4. Our Nigerian business partner didn't come through with the money. (Chuck1863)
3. Some idiot accidently spent three and a half billion dollars on a trade show booth located on the face of the sun. (JDTAY)
2. First customer to buy our new Time Machine turned out to have prior patent. (Chuck1863)
1. Against all expectations, the CEO actually noticed there was a "Vice President of Freecell". (The Cruciverbalist)

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