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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Improvements for the Space Shuttle

(submitted by AckThwap)

10. Fondu Set in docking area (for impromptu parties at the ISS). (krayZpaving)
9. Replaced that one funny-shaped doohickey that was getting kinda rusty. (The Cruciverbalist)
8. Cup holders that work in zero G. (Thirsty & Wet, groza528)
7. Beaded seat cushions. (Pontos)
6. Removal of the unpopular "power windows" option. (The Cruciverbalist)
5. Spoiler and chrome exhaust tips! (dhla)
4. Stick shift. (TheRob)
3. Fuzzy dice. (The Cruciverbalist, Geoduck)
2. Espresso machine. (Walrus)
1. A thumpin' stereo and spinners on the landing gear. (Shaggy Wolf, Mr. P, Buttsey57)

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