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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Live in a Really Small Town

(submitted by Rog)

10. You can fill your car with gas, check your mail and get a haircut at the same place. (from the same guy)
9. The whole town showed up for the neighbor's cat's funeral. (Daniela)
8. There's no newspaper...just old Henry who sits on a bench in front of the cafe and talks about what everybody's doing. (No Dear I didn't)
7. When you were 10 your daddy drove you 30 miles to show you a stoppin' signal. (Buttsey57)
6. You can touch both "City Limits" signs at the same time. (mathgrant)
5. When someone says, "This town ain't big enough for the two of us," they mean it literally. (mathgrant)
4. The phone book is a 3x5 index card. (AckThwap, Rouge Panda)
3. The town library consists of the outdated magazines at the combo barbershop/town hall. (you done with that one?)
2. The grocery store's operating hours are 7:00 AM to Whenever I Damn Well Please. (Macdeth)
1. Every woman in town has slept with the mailman. But nobody really cares, because she's married to him. (groza528)

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