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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Cons of Being a Superhero

(submitted by Punkupine)

10. Do you know how hard it is to find a secret cave in Oklahoma? (sullivangirl)
9. Snickering clerks when you pick up your dry cleaning. (Nice tights guy!)
8. Recent tax law changes have reduced the maximum lifetime depreciation schedule for spandex based work clothing. (Menasaur)
7. Your cape is "Dryclean only". (Me and you)
6. With the use of cell phones becoming more and more popular, phone booths are nearly impossible to find. (WindChaser)
5. Ever present, effiminate side kick makes it hard to meet chicks. (fifitrixiebelle)
4. Always being asked to open the jar of pickles. (spoticus)
3. It's just not possible to have a good hair day when you get to work flying faster than the speed of sound. (Pontos)
2. The simple truth is that only about ten percent of the women in the world have underwear that you'd want to see with x-ray vision. (No Dear I didn't)
1. "Oh it's you. I was hoping for Superman." (Steve Weiss)

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