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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Buy the New Harry Potter Book

(submitted by Leather/Denim Combination Pants)

10. It's for sale at the grocery store, gas station, and book store, so it must be edible, combustible, and readable. (scooby851)
9. It's getting harder and harder to shock your parents, but reading a book does the trick every time. (junkshop coyote)
8. You're getting tired of watching all those Golden Girls re-runs. (bored)
7. It will keep your 12-year-old niece from talking about the newest boy band 24/7. (k.a)
6. "Spoilers for the Latest Harry Potter Book" might be a Jeopardy! category very soon, and if you don't read the book by then, the whole thing will be ruined. (mathgrant)
5. For some reason you've been camped in front of the book store for 3 months and it would seem ridiculous to leave without the book now. (Flip201)
4. Put a couple of these in your car trunk this winter and you'll have no traction problems. (Menasaur)
3. You are encouraging your child to stay on the ever fulfilling path of nerdiness. (Strangeguitar)
2. You joined the Bandwagon Jumper's Union last year and well, it's in the bylaws. (Buttsey57)
1. When combined with your purchase of Structural Design of Superconductors it really messes up the "Other customers also bought this book..." section on (AckThwap)

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