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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Letter "B" is Annoying

(submitted by Talking Head)

10. It looks like a big E that is so self absorbed that it can't stop hugging itself. (Menasaur)
9. Despite all of it's hard work, it's always coming in second, and we're just tired of feeling sorry for it. (Baby (Damn, I'm annoying...))
8. Constantly getting drunk and moaning with his pals Venus, Exodus, Helium, Pennsylvania, and the Right to Bear Arms. (The Cruciverbalist)
7. With being a word, an insect, a letter, and a grade, it has serious identity issues. (TheKtulu7)
6. Barney... Britney Spears.. Backstreet Boys... Barbie... Bambi.. Coincidence? (Catwiz -HAS NO B's-)
5. Every time Sesame Street is sponsored by it, we have to hear that "B is for Bat" song by the Count. (Telly the Jelly Belly)
4. Along with R, C, and U, they make up the evil gang of ''I-can-be-substituted-for-commonly-used-words-in-slag-speak" gang. (Buttsey57)
3. It needlessly tries to tag along on words like "dumb", "thumb" and "numb." (Daniela)
2. It's the first letter of BOY, the one thing I don't have that my parents don't want me to have. (jas)
1. It is always bragging about that overused quote from Hamlet. (fifitrixiebelle)

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