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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard at the Beach

(submitted by AckThwap)

10. "Ya see, it's just like I said, we put out a tsunami warning, and we've got the beach to ourselves all day!" (No Dear I didn't)
9. "Is that a thong, or are you just wearing dental floss?" (ClevelandRocks)
8. "Really, I never burn, this redness will all be gone tomorrow." (fifitrixiebelle)
7. "Hmm now I know why it's called a sandwich." (English Pete)
6. "I can see where you're looking even if you're wearing sunglasses." (English Pete)
5. "Duuh duuh.. duuh duuh.. dun da dun da dun da..." (Geoduck, the crazy neighbor.)
4. "Is my fat hairy belly hanging sufficiently over my speedo?" (capn limpwrist)
3. "Hey, these lifeguards don't run in slow motion." (Steve Weiss)
2. "Now if you put your ear to the end of that soda can, you can hear the sounds of the city!" (Topher)
1. "Hey, this sunscreen smells an awful lot like Yogurt... OH MY GOD! FRANK! STOP EATING!" (The Cruciverbalist)

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