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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Kid is Hanging with the Wrong Crowd

(submitted by Crow)

10. He wants to work for Enron when he grows up. (Geoduck)
9. He keeps asking for his allowances in advance because "He owes them." (Punkupine)
8. The 8-ball and spinning hubcaps on her tricycle are becoming worrisome. (Punchitchewie)
7. She currently owns more pirecings than she does books. (Hoss)
6. For his bar mitzvah gift he asked for a "decent" fake ID. (AckThwap)
5. You thought the green in his hair was just some wash-out hair dye. You find out it's really mold growing on his head. (No it's not)
4. You find her Barbie collection at the bottom of the family pool and they are all wearing a pair of "cement shoes." (Farmer Bob)
3. Instead of playing his XBOX like a normal kid, he's been playing something called...sports? It has ruined the glare from his pearly skin. His mother's in tears. (Buttsey57)
2. "I did it Dad! I made it on the list! Christian and Scott are totally my homeboys!" (Topher)
1. Yesterday he asked you about suspenders. Today, it's pocket protectors. (TheRob)

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