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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Questions to Ask God in the Afterlife

(submitted by Heaven)

10. "Can you show me how to program my VCR?" (Moniker)
9. "Do you validate parking here?" (Menasaur)
8. "So what's with the whole 'humans can't have super powers' thing, anyway?" (Buttsey57)
7. "Can I get these wings in anything other than white?" (English Peter, xyl)
6. "God, I've always wanted to know, what's your last name?" (Don't ask my age)
5. "Is the hokey pokey really what it's all about?" (FlamingTsunami)
4. "So did that dress really make me look fat or what?" (Topher)
3. "Guess I'm out that five bucks, huh?" (Strickland)
2. "OK, so back in 9th grade, why did you give me that nose bleed the second I asked Megan McDewie to the dance?" (Buttsey57)
1. "Was I supposed to cut the blue wire then?" (jk60611)

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