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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Don't Want To See In Your Horoscope

(submitted by david scully)

10. "Go back to bed." (rein)
9. "Your life will revolve around an endless string of Mondays and Thursdays." (Baby)
8. "You will be taking a long trip and meeting many new people soon. Now would be a good time to add kevlar to your wardrobe." (Oops I did it again.)
7. "Plan a trip to the VD clinic today." (poprocksncoke)
6. "Your mother-in-law has decided to visit today and bring all 5000 collectable tea sets for you to admire." (bob the trianglist)
5. "Outlook looks good...but don't forget to try Word, Excel and Powerpoint 2005 available now!" (Topher)
4. "The stars predict you will take charge this week, but they cannot predict the exact voltage of the charge." (The Cruciverbalist)
3. "Today you want to avoid getting into a heated argument with any flying salmon wearing a blue rubber trenchcoat." (Menasaur)
2. "Error 404: Future not found" (squeezette)
1. "Run. Now." (The Cruciverbalist.)

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