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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Minions are Depressed

(submitted by scooby851)

10. Your vote-for-me-or-die approval ratings are at a deplorable 98%.
9. They no longer whistle when doing your evil bidding. (El Barton)
8. The comment cards from the dungeons show the conditons there are up to miserable rather than the usual abysmal. (Pontos)
7. Your plans for world domination have given way to extended playings of Air Supply's entire collection. (Buttsey57)
6. The Henchmen have beaten them 5 years in a row in inter-squad dodgeball. (Buttsey57)
5. The Zombies' ambling seems somehow more lethargic than usual. (Sven-Master-Sweden)
4. They've let their evil black robes fade to a slightly less menacing grey. (Mary)
3. They just aren't making any good submissions to your top ten list. (inspector 42)
2. Instead of stealing souls, they spend their days eating cookie dough ice cream from the carton and watching the Price is Right. (fifitrixiebelle)
1. Rather than giving a rousing round of evil cackles after hearing your latest master plan, all you got were two sighs and an ill-timed fart. (Menasaur)

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