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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for Leaving Work Early

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10. "The ad says I have to get there by four o'clock in order to take advantage of their SUPER SAVINGS." (Skippy)
9. "I don't want to be here when the police come and investigate that body on the 5th floor." (Princess Aurora)
8. Pokemon starts at 3 and you gotta catch 'em all! (FrozenLemonade)
7. Powering down your computer 15 minutes early, you can save company as much as $1.37 per annum. (VISGOTH)
6. You have to go to the Free Cell competition. (Jessica tinch)
5. You suddenly realized you have Dutch Elm Disease. (benz.)
4. "I lost my watch. I have to go home to look for it so that I can leave on time." (AmishGurl)
3. During lunch you consummed too much dihydrogen monoxide. (JJenkins)
2. "My computer is tied up with bit-torrent video downloads. I'll be back to watch them tomorrow." (SWM28 6')
1. "Look, outside! ICE-CREAM MAN! ICE-CREAM MAN!" (Buttsey57)

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