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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Things on George W. Bush's Agenda

(submitted by FrozenLemonade)

10. Make "Dont mess with Texas" the official slogan of the United States. (what?)
9. Memorize the capital of all 48 states. (AckThwap)
8. Look for terrorists on Mars, so he can "invade" it. (exarch)
7. Develop a news conference look besides 'smirk'. (rorschak)
6. Promote his faith-based initiative for deploying HDTV to the economically disadvantaged. (AckThwap)
5. Nominate himself to Supreme Court. Ensure enduring influence and legacy. (byuguy)
4. Collect every last one of the Pokemon, invading Japan should the need arise. (The Cruciverbalist)
3. Move the U.S. capitol to Crawford Texas...that way he won't have to fly so far to go on vacation! (No Dear I didn't.)
2. Get schools to teach the controversy about the so-called "theory" of gravity. (VISGOTH)
1. Reschedule Hurricane Season so it doesn't conflict with his vacation. (No Dear I didn't.)

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