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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Conserve Gasoline

10. Jump on your coworker yelling "Piggy back ride!" and then refuse to get off until he walks you home. (Topher)
9. Instead of motorized transportation, switch to a bungee-catapult travel system. (BullFrog )
8. Why conserve? Why not just create dinosaurs, kill them and put their remains through an immense amount of heat and pressure? (erik)
7. Stop driving to Barnes and Noble every time you have to go to the bathroom, Yeah, I know their bathrooms are really nice. (Bean)
6. Steam engines. Then you can burn anything, like those pesky trees or the annoying neighbor's dog that just won't stop barking (Pontos)
5. Get Uncle Fred to stop using four gallons of it to start the charcoal grill. (BullFrog )
4. Going uphill, get a push from the car behind you. (Maniac Bob)
3. Convince any friends or family who may be arsonists to switch their accelerant to light, clean-burning canola oil. (BullFrog)
2. Convince your wife that it might be time for her to start riding the broom again. (wheels)
1. Work 40 hours strait every week so you only commute once. (scooby851)

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