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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Bowling on Television

(submitted by chicago)

10. You needed to cool down after watching poker. (Marcos Valor)
9. Maybe you will find your dad, like you found your mom on Cops. (Jibby)
8. Since childhood you've been enchanted by elephants and ballet. (English Pete)
7. Easier than driving to the bowling alley to watch bowling. (No dear I didn't, Mike and Paula =-))
6. You're betting to see who changes the channel first. (spoticus)
5. You paid for the premium cable package featuring ESPN2475. (Alfredo Garcia)
4. With your reduced eyesight, golf is no longer an option. (Timid Tiger)
3. The paint you were watching is now completely dry. (jumpinjack, spoticus)
2. It perfectly reflects your life's philosophy. You can either stand there minding you own business or you can bludgeon those standing there minding their own business. (Modest Moose)
1. It's better than "having a talk." (talshadar)

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