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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Fall Is Here

(submitted by RiverCityKid)

10. Kids are no longer running around the mall screaming. (Strickland)
9. You abandoned your crappy roommate from last year for the 2005-06 edition. (erik.)
8. School busses and school zones are wreaking havoc on morning commutes. (Sarah H.)
7. The "toys section" has mysteriously re-appeared in all the department stores that normally don't have one. (BullFrog)
6. Wal-Mart is painted orange and black and every convenience store you walk into has a two-foot-tall screaming plastic skull as you walk in. (Walrus)
5. Chicago Cub fans begin to mutter "wait till next year" after every third sentence. (Mark Lehde)
4. The Christmas lights still up from last year don't look quite so out of place now. (JimBean)
3. Your kid's given you a revised Christmas list every day for the past two months. You're on version 5.6 at the moment. (Buttsey57)
2. Richard Simmons' shorts are a quarter of an inch longer. (DA maNA)
1. Friday night lights, dew on the field, the stands packed. Yes siree, it's MARCHING BAND season again! (Buttsey57)

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