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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to go to the Multiplex Theater

10. It may be the only place in the whole world that sells sugar babies. (webflyer)
9. The only other theater in town is showing an indie film about lesbian poets. (Steve Weiss)
8. Flat screen and surround sound are good at home, but it's just not the same w/o punk kids throwing popcorn. (Buttsey57)
7. The Uniplex is showing Howard the Duck. (Good Ol' Horseface)
6. The Pen Laser Light Show. (Varlot)
5. To see the newest original films, such as Batman Begins, Star Wars Episode 3, and Harry Potter 4. (thegreatmoleman2.0)
4. Because nothing takes your mind off $3 gas like eating $7 popcorn, drinking $5 soda and watching a $10.50 movie. (Tri$tan)
3. All that extra free 'grip' you get on your sneakers for a week after you've been. (Buttsey57)
2. Showing four movies simultaneously at the Uniplex just plain sucks. (Drewpy)
1. You lost to the night manager of the MegaPlex in Dungeons and Dragons and have been 'banished from his kingdom' for a week. (Buttsey57)

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