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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for Not Taking your Kids to Disney World

(submitted by AckThwap)

10. They're 31 and 26. (Buttsey57)
9. We're mounting a one family protest against Michael Eisner. (byuguy)
8. If I wanted to stand in line I could have stayed in Russia and bought bread. (Chuck1863)
7. "Does 23 hours in a car sound fun to you?" (Heck no)
6. Santa and Mickey had are arch enemies and if we go there, Santa will put you on his naughty list and you won't get any Christmas presents this year. (KeahSephia)
5. You heard Donald Duck may have the avian flu. (Major Tom)
4. "Mickey's recovering from a heart attack right now honey." (Punkupine)
3. "Pirate Dan's Wonderful World of Eels" is closer and much, much cheaper. (Archaeopteryx)
2. Mickey has a restraining order against your oldest child. (spoticus)
1. Plane tickets- $800, Park Tickets- $250, Hotel- $400, Getting stuck in the rain waiting in line for 2 hours for Space mountain with 3 unhappy kids- Not worth it (malizy)

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