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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst College Roommates

(submitted by mak)

10. The guy who put under his roommate preferences: "grain fed, free range." (coolroy99)
9. The anime lover who's learning Japanese insists his name is Akira when he's Jewish and from New York. (Strickland)
8. "No, no. Leprosy isn't the handicap it used to be in the early days."
7. That one chubby dude that forgot he had a pet turtle in bed with him. (ed)
6. The ones that have an unidentifiable horrid stench. The kind of warm, foggy, stink that keeps you up at night. (Caleb.. to the Bagels.. Bagels the Caleb.. whaaaat?)
5. The fat wet guy in a mini towel. (its to early for this)
4. "It's so lonely on the top bunk.. Can I sleep with you?" (June Gloom)
3. Olga, captain of the Swedish Clog Dancing Team. (BrianLH25)
2. The guy who asks you to shave his neck. (TheRob)
1. "Hi, I placed third in last year's Scientology chili cook-off." (GeoffLaw)

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