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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Breaking Up Sucks

(submitted by Buttsey57)

10. The "Welcome Back" e-hmails from and (Steve Weiss)
9. Your ex's ex gets to tell you, "I told you so." (Maniac Bob)
8. It gives your parents yet another opportunity to surprise you with one of their "Look who we invited over to dinner; she's perfect for you because we approve of her" dates. (Topher)
7. You get your loser friends back. (Pookie)
6. Hindsight now lets you see that adopting that three-legged chiuaua together was probably a bad idea.
5. Your optimistic co-worker will have no reason to say "awww" when the two of you match at work. (Mary)
4. The realization that country music suddenly all makes sense can be a shock to the system. (Menasaur)
3. Now you don't have any excuse to keep the office creep at bay. (Bob)
2. You know your doing something wrong, but no one is there to point it out. (Kent)
1. Explaining the floral print sheets (notMe)

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