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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons It's a Pirate's Life For Me!

(submitted by Aye Matey!)

10. Two words: ARRRRRRRGH! ARRRRRRRRRRGH! (wheels)
9. Because an accountant's life is kinda boring. (k.a)
8. Parrot on the shoulder draws the eye away from the waistline, imparting a slimming effect on your wardrobe ensemble. (al)
7. Mermaids, full chests and loads of booty. Need I say more? (*does french laugh*)
6. RUM! Gold! RUM! Guns! RUM! ships! RUM! (What else matters)
5. Well, my stylist tells me that I'm a "Spring" and the chartruese ruffles really bring out the warm tones in my cheeks. (Major Tom)
4. Hard physical labor from sun up to sundown, all the grog and seatack you can stand, and scurvy, don't forget the scurvy. (Hillgiant)
3. The rum. Definately the rum. (Captain Morgan's Tattoo)
2. You can get into all the "ARRRR" rated movies. (My roommate is a dork, malizy)
1. Otherwise I would look stupid with this parrot on my shoulder. (mightymouth)

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