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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Changes If Dr. Seuss Were President

(submitted by Michelle Loves Dan)

10. There'd finally be a president to speak for the trees. (treehugger)
9. Rhyming State of the Union speeches - not to be missed! (BlueElizabeth)
8. There'd be lot more frolicking in the streets, I'm afraid. (JustinA)
7. We'd show those star-bellied sneeches who's boss once and for all. (NNFQ)
6. White House redesigned to have tiers and multiple colors, and moved from Pennsylvania Ave. to Mulberry Street. (Danderson-i-am)
5. It will be acceptable for the president to make up words like Lorax, Zax and Sneetches on the fly in speeches. (Earl 'n Edna)
4. "We will make no distinction between the Grinch, and those who harbor him. "
3. Replacing out of date tanks and aircrafts with new shiny gabbleglorbs and yoopmazoons. (Dan Duz Michelle)
2. The Lorax would be the new Administrator of the EPA. (What's a Sneed, anyway?)
1. Would we want to invade Iraq? Even though WMD's they lack? No, we would not invade Iraq! That's not a country we'd attack! (Katz)

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