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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Superpowers

(submitted by Punkupine)

10. The power to identify cheese solely by smell (al)
9. The ability to untangle fishing line (RCK)
8. The power to get really annoying songs stuck in supervillains' heads (The Cruciverbalist)
7. The ability to turn distilled water back into tap water with the flick of a wrist (Buttsey57)
6. The ability to sneeze with your eyes open (Penelope)
5. Road Trip Man: able to hold bladder for days at a time (Kent)
4. Myopic Hindsight (jk60611)
3. The ability to blink so incredibly fast that your eyelashes create a slight breeze (Benz.)
2. The power to always speak in couplets (Baby of the Grace Project)
1. The amazing ability to be "just friends" with any woman (Topher)

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