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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Driving Too Fast

(submitted by Punkupine the Mad Driver)

10. Your Geo Metro is approaching the speed limit. (Steve Weiss)
9. The Storm Trooper you just past on his speeder is shaking his fist at you. (Jus)
8. That pimped out spoiler you installed is actually doing something useful. (Topher)
7. You have to stop for gas every 15 minutes. (Strickland)
6. You are in Ohio being chased my Indiana State Trooper (Hook)
5. You've violated many laws including Newton's second law of thermodynamics and Einstien's theory of relativity (Strat)
4. You drove through 3 states in one day: Alaska, Florida, and Maine. (Steve Weiss)
3. You not only miss your exit, you miss your timezone. (Major Tom)
2. The coffee in your cup holder has been whipped into a frothy latte. (scone)
1. You don't have to pretend you're being chased by the cops anymore. (Bagels The Bagels Machine of Calebness)

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