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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Why Television is Better than Books

(submitted by BKred)

10. Hold on, I'll give a reason during commercials. (Only 15 hrs left)
9. Books don't come with catchy theme songs. Television shows do. (The Baker)
8. Television has scheduled bathroom breaks. (Walrus)
7. The superbowl just isn't the same in paperback form. (swiperthefox)
6. Wardrobe malfunctions. (Tom Peepin')
5. You can use the TV without making the table all wobbly again. (VISGOTH)
4. Having a 102" wide-print book just doesn't elicit the same level of envy from your friends... (jqubed)
3. Kids at school never scorn you as a "television worm." (VISGOTH)
2. Books are a thousand paper cuts waiting to happen. (Benz.)
1. Little people in box make me laugh. (swiperthefox)

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