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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Move to Oz

(submitted by Dorothy)

10. Your dog can pee on the brick road and no one even notices. (Alfredo Garcia)
9. Water is the ultimate weapon. (K.)
8. The Lollipop Guild now provides excellent dental insurance. (Steve Weiss)
7. Flying Pizza Delivery Monkey men rarely get caught in traffic. (Menasaur)
6. Spontaneous, coreographed dance numbers: They just seem out of place at the office. (Kent)
5. At 5' 7", you would be able to play professional basketball in Munchkin Land. (radman3636)
4. Recent tornado activity has left several key government sector and travel sector job openings wide open. (JLM2copiesresume)
3. You've always had a thing for Glenda the Good Witch. (lefty, Strickland, TheRob)
2. No lines at the cool amusement park rides; most everyone else is too short. (jk60611)
1. You've heard that if you tell them you're from Kansas, no one will mess with you. (Major Tom)

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