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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Airlines are Going Bankrupt

(submitted by byuguy)

10. Crackdown on lost luggage has made the airline company cocaine ring a thing of the past. (EEE)
9. They still have to pay the tolls when they fly over the Jersey Turnpike. (DA maNA)
8. Pilots get Ultra-Premium Jet Fuel, instead of Regular Unleaded Jet Fuel- and there's not even any real performance gain! (Stephen H)
7. The "Do Not Fly" list is getting pretty long. (Eman)
6. Refusal of the pilot union to accept cheaper beer for the cockpit keggers. (snagswolf)
5. That switch in '93 to GOURMET microwavable non-descript chicken/fish product. (Buttsey57)
4. Pilots keep taking the scenic routes. (Stephen H)
3. The top brass is holding weekly conferences in Monte Carlo deciding if they should charge for the peanuts. (darthgator)
2. Hefty fines for breaking the law of gravity. (JLM2timeoffender)
1. Hurricane Katrina knocked out several major Blue Toilet Water refineries. (swiperthefox)

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