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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

(submitted by Punkupine)

10. Use as landfill for New Orleans beleagued levee system. (radman3636)
9. Just leave them in your cabinet so they'll be ready for your brother's "Green Food" St. Patrick's Day party. (Major Tom)
8. Piņata! (Magik)
7. Sell them to the neighborhood Chinese Restaurant, then enjoy the seasonal Mashed Potato Fried Rice and Stuffing LoMein specials. (Major Tom)
6. Turkey carcass/ green bean/ yam casserole anyone? (spazEabE)
5. Gravy Facials. (DA maNA)
4. Cranberry sauce and stuffing make great adhesives. (TheRob)
3. Can you say "Turkey and mash potatos Tacos"? (DA maNA)
2. Turkeyshake. (Walrus)
1. Take the bones from the turkey and plant them so you can have fresh grown turkey for next year. (funky monkey)

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