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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Christmas Display is Too Garish

10. Santa didn't make it to every boy and girl this year because he spent too much time on your roof trying to figure out which sleigh was his. (marbelesque)
9. You can't sleep at night becaue your wind turbine in the back yard keeps over heating. (Benz.)
8. Donald Trump tried to buy it. (Skating Zebra)
7. The Grinch spent two weeks carting stuff away from your house and gave up on the idea of stealing Chirstmas. (spoticus)
6. NASA called. They said that your lights are interferring with the Hubble space telescope. (No Dear I didn't)
5. The Super Bowl Committee called and wants to use it in the half time show. (IOIO)
4. There are 2 DC10s and a 767 circling your house, waiting for Santa's sleigh to clear the runway. (Major Tom)
3. You'd really love a White Christmas, but the snow keeps sublimating about two feet above your lawn. (Major Tom)
2. The aliens from the next galaxy with the light-pollution complaint were really very rude. (Clark Taylor)
1. The manger has silk sheets, cable TV, and a minibar. (Chuck1863)

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