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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Cat Doesn't Like You

(submitted by ariesgirl)

10. He waits until your *almost* done with your term paper to pounce on the keyboard and irretrievably delete it. (Helix)
9. You find a severed mouse head in bed when you wake up. (moviegeek86)
8. Even your liver has scratch marks. (Thomas Palsson)
7. You come home from work and find all your stuff on the front lawn-- covered with hairballs. (BellevueHilltop)
6. He keeps putting signs in grocery store, looking for a good home for you!!! (spoticus)
5. The "101 Ways to Skin a Human" book under his bed.
4. He doesn't just bring you dead mice, he waits until you eat them. (major tom)
3. For the third time this week you catch him under the car - chewing on the brakeline. (TechNut)
2. You had his claws trimmed cause he scratched a lot, then he came home with a switchblade. (Marbelesque)
1. You find a little pill buried in YOUR food. (groza528)

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