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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Whales Sing

(submitted by Moviecamera)

10. They're always in the shower. (whyBother, Ciderflax, TheDon, Moby Danderson, eagle88, Stephen H)
9. Those little annoying birds said "Dibs ON Humming!" (Trumpeter Swan)
8. That ain't signing; plankton makes them gassy. (GeoffLaw)
7. It's really an inter-species talent competition against the juggling jellyfish. (Drewpy)
6. They were nearby when the Titanic sank and still can't get that stupid song out of their heads. (Ilsoap)
5. Cuz they travel in iPods! (Dan)
4. In the whale world, dialogue is only spoken in movies. Real life is a musical. (Baby Worth)
3. To drown out the sounds of American Idol contestants (funky monkey)
2. They're hoping that the Grammys will finally recognize animal musicians after PETA bugs them enough. (Jessica Tinch)
1. They've found it's a whole lot more pleasant than screaming "I'M A WHALE GET OUT OF MY WAY. I'M A WHALE ... " all day long (Major Tom)

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