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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Might Be Adopted

(submitted by pezgirl247)

10. Your parents have tails and antennae.. (Magus Noan)
9. You're the only wolf in your pack that has no hair and can run on two legs. (quistis)
8. Mom's caucasian. Dad's caucasian. You're arachnid. (Major Tom)
7. Every time you screw up, dad starts looking for the reciept. (lefty)
6. That weirdo who gave you a sword and blathered on about your family destiny *did* have the same birthmark as you... (Krig the Viking)
5. You wonder why all your baby pictures show you in the same pose, until you find it on a clip art website. (Chuck1863)
4. The rest of your family looks nervous when the car passes an "Adopt A Highway" sign. (Chuck1863)
3. Everytime you asked as a child "Where do babies come from?", your parents would respond "The porch". (Mickey Finn.)
2. Neither of your parents are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Geoduck)
1. You overheard your parents talk about it when you were eavesdropping outside your igloo. Also, you're black. (Thomas Palsson)

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