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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Put on Your Blog

(submitted by Steve Weiss)

10. That extra delicious strawberry poptart you had for breakfast (The Peach)
9. The story of how some random guy mailed you one pink plastic flamingo every day for 100 days (Britta-Gabrielle)
8. A disclaimer about the version of word processing program you used, and how much your formatting skills suffer due to it (JLM2w/MSWord03)
7. Mustard and relish (TheRob)
6. Links to other, interesting, blogs (BreadintheBone)
5. The top ten things you did last summer that can be used against you in the next movie (Nova)
4. An intro post entitled "My First Entry" (Steve Weiss)
3. Blog posts where you blog about having a blog (Geoduck)
2. An embedded YouTube video of you typing your blog (Steve Weiss)
1. The URL address for your Blog (SissyRoll)

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