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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Sports For The Winter Olympics

(submitted by FrozenLemonade)

10. Team Snowball Fighting (El Barton)
9. Synchronized Ice Fishing (Iron Chef Klingon, Geoduck, xyl)
8. Rhythmic Snowman Building (ardnax)
7. Icicle Jousting (kristyk)
6. Free Flow Cursive Snow Writing - Men's Event (Dan)
5. Joesled (Iron Chef Klingon)
4. 500m Walking with Skis (Naska the Zoki-Howler)
3. Thin Ice Skating (thor-bjorn amundsen, Smilee)
2. Downhill Speed Curling (June)
1. Zamboni Demolition Derby (spoticus)

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