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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Your Computer is on the Sidewalk, Nine Stories Below

(submitted by spoticus)

10. The life-like golf game was more realistic than you thought. (Atomicplatypus)
9. There is no ten story building in your town. (Varlot)
8. You heard that getting some fresh air would help make a virus go away. (The Baker)
7. It jumped out of the window, tired of its life entertaining your children with crappy "edutainment" software. (Tristan)
6. It must have heard the ice cream truck coming. (thegiantsnail)
5. As you unfortunately discovered, capes do not give computers the ability to fly. (Topher)
4. How else were you supposed to stop all the pop-ups? (Sarah H.)
3. That damn paperclip had it coming! (quistis218, Pertinax)
2. It was "either you or that computer." This time you happened to guess right. (Maniac Bob)
1. Grandma still thinks it's a typewriter, and she hits the "Carriage Return" the old way. (Will anybody even understand this?????) (squeezette)

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