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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Geeks Really Do Rule the World

(submitted by melindaste)

10. Electronic voting machines. (danb)
9. Two words: Bill Gates (Bob Clemmons, Unixella, FrozenLemonade, capnlimpwrist)
8. I can go a week without liquor, pot, sex, and TiVo. I can't go 5 minutes without checking my e-mail. (AckThwap)
7. Every hour of every day, somewhere, there is a re-run of Star Trek on TV. (
6. They always triumph over the evil jocks and frat boys in serious Hollywood films, which, by the way, are favorably reviewed by geek trend-setters. (Bada Bing Crosby)
5. All songs eventually become "technotized". (Gmann)
4. Thousands of normal people try to win the approval of two of the geekiest every Monday & Thursday. (lefty)
3. Suddenly it's cool to have a hard drive in your pocket that plays "em-pee-threes"? (Topher)
2. This year's Olympics were simulcast in English, Spanish, Italian, and Klingon. (The Cruciverbalist)
1. actually, geeks just rule the northern hemisphere; nerds rule the western, dorks rule the southern, and spazzoids have muscled most of the eastern hemisphere from the morons. (gummer)

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