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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways Life Would Change If Stephen King Were Elected President

(submitted by scifigeek86)

10. The government's position on "terror" would undoubtedly change entirely. (M@)
9. The most terrifying State of the Union addresses in recorded history. (Arm K.)
8. Our long national nightmare has just begun. (Bada Bing Crosby)
7. Less money to fight terrorists, more spent on fighting possessed cars and evil clowns. (Wools)
6. Transylvania will be nuked to stop the spread of vampires. (Bobek)
5. Arlington National Pet Cemetary (Aaron Hirshberg)
4. Long the subjects of prejudice and accusations of corruption, the dead would finally be legally allowed to vote. (Krig the Viking)
3. The President's term of office would be expanded into a trilogy. (Bada Bing Crosby)
2. All visiting dignitaries must enter the White House via the creepy 10 acre hedge maze. (Menasaur)
1. President fascinating on paper, but lousy on the big screen. (Arm K.)

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