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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Bed Time Story Characters

(submitted by Donno_1841)

10. Little Larry the Anxious Accountant, in "Helping Daddy Fill out the 1040 Extended Form - Schedule A" (Major Tom)
9. Pornochhio (Stephen H)
8. Screamo the Clown (headman)
7. Bambielzebub (headman)
6. Dave, the Huge, Red-Eyed, Razor-sharp Fanged, Child-Eating Demon that Comes Out of Your Closet As Soon As You Fall Asleep (No.)
5. Slither the Shadow Snake (Major Tom)
4. The Werewolf Who Can Masquerade as a Blanket (Steve Weiss)
3. The Velveteen Funnel-Web Spider (headman)
2. Hoppy, the Sad Ghost of the Baby Frog You Killed on Purpose (whyBother)
1. Chompy the Angry Mattress (Deathnfudge)

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