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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Internet Romance Is Not Going To Work

(submitted by mightymouth)

10. You planned to use the 10% of her $16million inheritance for an incredible honeymoon, but you haven't heard back since you emailed her your bank account number (Major Tom)
9. During a particularly steamy session of cybersex, you hear moaning from your mom's bedroom (Little Johnny)
8. She hesitates when you tell her you want the children raised as Mac users. (Major Tom)
7. Where the hell is Mosambique? (Vendain)
6. " g2g, mom says I haf 2 go 2 bed now. its past my bedtime" (Aletheastrea)
5. Your IM name: CuddlyBear, Her IM name: ALLMENSUCK. (Alfredo Garcia)
4. Your 17 year old web love has logged in 14 years with the FBI. (Alfredo Garcia)
3. You realize that you can't meet your lesbian lover because you are actually a straight guy and she probably is too. (NuT wItH a GuN)
2. You've just discovered that your cyber-girlfriend of three months is a chat-bot. (Krig the Viking)
1. Your 'significant other' calls you somebody else's screen name during cyber sex. (YOU know)

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