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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Best Things Before Sliced Bread

(submitted by Sliced Bread)

10. Sliced rocks (Strickland)
9. Burlap pants (Bada Bing Crosby)
8. Bread torn in a reasonably neat fashion (coolroy99)
7. Not dying of the plague (The Cruciverbalist, Aaron Hirshberg)
6. Sliced mastadon (whyBother)
5. That deli guy who could balance three whole pounds of pastrami on top of your loaf of rye (Major Tom)
4. The bread slicer. Unfortunately, the moment it was used, it was knocked off the number 1 spot. (Bobek)
3. Giant toaster with oval-shaped opening in which to put unsliced bread (Archaeopteryx, Macdeth)
2. The bread bag little twisty ties (sissyroll)
1. Pointy sticks to stab the tribe that had the sliced bread (Drunken Vet Student, LaZorra)

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