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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Do With a One-Dollar Bill

(submitted by mathgrant)

10. Buy 100 shiny new pennies. (Geoduck)
9. Plant it, water it, fertilize, reap the rewards. ($tephen H)
8. Exchange it for pesos so it feels like more money. (Helix)
7. Purchase an escort service for 1 minute. (I am assamed)
6. Order a 3/16th pounder at McDonalds. (johnnycp)
5. Orgami Klingon battle cruiser. (JLM2honorFather)
4. Buy 0.317 gallons of gas! (Archaeopteryx)
3. Short shopping spree at the dollar store. (Helix)
2. Collect the whole series! ($tephen H)
1. Give fifty unwanted, unsolicited opinions. (squeezette)

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