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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Future Inventions To Look Forward To

(submitted by Inventor)

10. The Top Eleven List. (inspector 42)
9. The breakthrough new Fat Burner pill that really works! (RAM)
8. Always-lands-butter-side-up sliced bread. (sand which?)
7. More convenient, easy to use, child-friendly pill bottles. (Pertinax)
6. The mind-reading automatic turn-signal. (Iron Chef Klingon)
5. The Monday to Wednesday work week. (kristyk)
4. X-ray Specs that really work! (Somebody Else)
3. Lead Underwear- for when they invent X-ray Specs that really work... (Stephen H)
2. Memory cloth clothing, reverts to folded configuration after being exposed to "medium high" heat for 7-10 minutes. (JLM2foldshirts)
1. Those @#$% flying cars we were supposed to get 6 years ago! (Brownie)

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