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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Streamline Congressional Procedures

(submitted by JLM2)

10. Important issues are to be decided with Rock'em Sock'em Robot Matches. (Stephen H)
9. All statements over 300 words are subject to rebuttal by Simon Cowell. (lefty)
8. Add a "10 Bribes or Less" Legislative Express Check-Out. (Alfredo Garcia)
7. Outsource it all to Domino's Pizza. Then you could get a bill passed in "30 minutes or less." (Mickey Finn)
6. Combine swearing-in and indictment ceremonies. (WendellWit)
5. All budget appropriations are to be submitted to an internet based Top Ten List. Only the suggestions that get selected will get funded. (al)
4. Instead of a gavel, give the chair a supply of poison blow darts. (Maniac Bob)
3. One word: Exlax (Danderson - Maybe they won't be so full of crap in the future...)
2. Make it like a reality show: the first congressman to pass his bill wins immunity! (The naked guy)
1. Limit senators to ten words per day. Cut off access to aides for non-compliance. (melindaste)

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