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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs She Isn't Going to Leave Her Boyfriend for You

(submitted by psychoshark)

10. You're invited to the Engagement Party... Plus One. (darthgator)
9. He's the cop who helped her fill out the restraining order. (left)
8. He: on the weightlifting team    You: on the Magic: the Gathering team (pezgirl247)
7. You are driving a moving truck to her boyfriend's house and unloading all of her belongings into his home. (Marbelesque)
6. You keep calling, but the guy always says, "the current time is ..." (TheRob)
5. He: Car=BMW    You: Car=BMX (mightymouth)
4. Every #%@!ing time she talks to you she talks about how #%@!ing wonderful he is and how #%@!ing special he makes her feel and how #%@!ing passionate he is and how they'll#%@!ing love each other forever. (#%@!ing screwed over in Kansas)
3. She doesn't even know you exist, because you duck behind the trashcans everytime she looks out her window. (MOZART)
2. He: Bodybuilding doctor who loves commitment and does charity work with needy kids    You: Your top ten list entry was the highlight of your week. (Leaper)
1. She said she'd try to text message you during your stay in the hospital. (whyBother)

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