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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Trapped in a Star Wars Movie

(submitted by obiwan)

10. You're surrounded by giant slugs, telekinetic freaks, and hairy gorilla dudes. (Punkupine)
9. You sense that the government's exalted leader has been tearing down your society's democratic foundation in order to concentrate all power in his own crazy cracker-ass hands. (Major Tom)
8. Your sole source of supplies comes from Jawas. (TheRob)
7. The lightsabers. Definitly the lightsabers. (Opopanax)
6. *Achoo* "May the force be with you!" (Pheonyx)
5. Your neighbor's Ewok keeps crapping on your lawn. (Major Tom)
4. You've just been promoted to Admiral. In a week your boss will probably have you killed. (TheDon)
3. More scum and villainry than usual at the local bar. (Iron Chef Klingon)
2. eBay is swamped with souvenir fragments of Alderaan. (Chuck1863)
1. Hot steamy wookiee lovin every night. (Vendain)

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