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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Nobody Takes you Seriously

(submitted by operatica)

10. You always get rubber noses, whoopie cushions, and giant red plastic shoes for gifts. (rorschak)
9. The marriage vows you've written for each other end with you saying, "I do - no crossies and no takebacks, I swear!" (Pertinax)
8. After running into a crowded bank taking out an AK-47 and demanding all the money in the safe, the teller just gives you a blank stare and asks you to please go to the back of the line. (Father Time)
7. The day the city bus ran you over was "the best joke yet" acording to your friends. (TheRob)
6. You may have lost the "popular" votes, twice, but you are still the president no matter how low the approval ratings. (WAM)
5. Your boss pins your paycheck to your shirt before sending you home. (Fifi Trixiebelle)
4. "In today's class we will be discussing something very important that will not appear on the exam... where's everyone going?" (first out the door)
3. "The sky is falling! Can't you feel that?! Somebody listen to me!!!! The sky is falling!" (Chicken Licken)
2. In the middle of your tirades, they reach up and honk your red rubberball nose for no reason whatsoever. (Major Tom, CraigC)
1. You arrive at a dinner party and the host hands you his coat. (CraigC)

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