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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Mechanic Doesn't Know What He's Doing

(submitted by Topher)

10. "We like to think we run a classy joint, so we used black duct tape to seal your tire. That way no one will notice." (Murph the Smurf)
9. You hear squealing underneath the hood; he's thoroughly convinced there are mice trapped in there somewhere. (Fluff)
8. The message he left saying your brake job won't be done until tomorrow because he "ran out of rubber bands." (Major Tom)
7. He said the alternator was full and that it was in perfect pitch after the tune up. (NuT wItH a GuN)
6. The only tool you see in the shop is one enormous roll of duct tape. (red)
5. Believing all carbs are bad, he removes your carburetor. (Exile on Manes Street)
4. You take your car in for a "tuneup" and he pulls out a pitch pipe. (sageandscholar)
3. Sees brake fluid leak, freaks out at the sight of "blood". (Iron Chef Klingon)
2. On his itemized invoice: Pointy thing - $200, Roundish thing - $150, Scary looking box with the wires - $300 (Dan)
1. When he was finished he gave you the extra bolts to keep. (mightymouth)

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