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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Video Games Have Distorted Your Perception of Reality

(submitted by Toxicgonzo)

10. You honestly believe there is something in MedKits that will instantly heal gunshot wounds. (Baby Hates Bunnies)
9. Your friend says the sunset looks beautiful. You say it could do with a better bloom lighting effect. (DJ Static)
8. You break every vase and jar in the pottery store, yet you still don't have any money. (Courk)
7. You have actually tried to carry a pistol, a sniper rifle, a machine gun, a shotgun, and a chain gun at once. (Iron Chef Klingon)
6. Before discussing that $900 golf club purchase with your wife you look around for a save point. (RiverCityKid)
5. You get a job as a plumber, jump on your bosses head, rebound into the sewer, and are last seen yelling something about "Negativeland." (Q)
4. Despite the fact that you've mastered smashing bricks with your head, "the princess" (aka Jill from accounting) still won't go out with you. (
3. You (1) see ghosts and (2) think they are tasty. (Iron Chef Klingon)
2. You refuse to eat a strawberry without eating a pair of cherries first. (BullFrog)
1. You're too lazy to fill in your actual initials on the loan form and instead substitue AAA. (Murph the Smurf)

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