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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Should Have Left Out Of Your Resume

(submitted by DJ Static)

10. Your self awarded PhD from The School Of Hard Knocks (
9. The fact that you're a level fourteen Paladin with a mighty Vorpal blade. (Benton C. Glaze)
8. Honors: Voted Most Likely to be on "Cops" - Class of 1997 (ardnax)
7. Letter of recommendation from your 3rd grade teacher. (Topher)
6. The thing with the cheez whiz and the crossdressing and the lizards. (Q)
5. The decorative butterfly stickers you added "for effect". (TheDon)
4. Excellent with that thingie, the one with the bits and the noise. (ibx)
3. Fluent in Klingon and currently studying Wookie. (outbackjoey)
2. Leadership Rolls: I am the GM of my D&D group and Rimlock says I have the best storylines. (Duchess)
1. World record holder for high score on Minesweeper. (Sarah C.)

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